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The safety and protection of cell phones are essential for all users. Nobody wants the phone to break, whether we just bought it or it was bought several years ago. The phone’s screen is one of the most sensitive and susceptible parts of phones. Hence the importance of using a screen protector. However, not all are the same or do the same functions. 

So, in this article we will help you to learn about the best types of screen protectors for your mobile phone, and how to choose the best protective sticker for your smartphone.

Buying a screen protector is just as important as choosing your smartphone, and this can make the difference between protecting it from drops or even allowing us to fix micro-scratches and scrapes. Different resistant screen protectors significantly are different from each other. Depending on the mobile phone and its current requirements, we will recommend the best screen protector that will best protect it.

What is a screen protector?

Screen protector is one of the accessories that protect the phone screen from scratches . Although it does not make miracles, it is a perfect complement to provide an additional protection for your original screen .

What a screen protector will actually do for your mobile phone is to provide an extra layer of protection. But it doesn’t boost the actual screen power.

Therefore, dropping the phone badly can break or damage your screen.

And, to reduce collateral damage, it is also important that you learn ways to properly remove and install the phone screen protectors on your mobile phone.

Be sure to wear gloves when working with your hands. The gloves prevent scratches and bumps from occurring to the phone’s protection screens and reduce the possibility of screen breakage, but it is not a guarantee.

The best types of mobile screen protectors

With so many types of screen protectors out there, it is natural to wonder which one is the best and most protective for your mobile phone.

Currently, there are several types of screen protectors, depending on the materials used to make them.

The most common ones currently are:

  • TPU Screen Protectors
  • Liquid Screen Protectors
  • Glass Phone Screen Protectors
  • Screen Privacy Protectors

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic Shields

PET screen protectors are made from this staple plastic that the industry uses for foods or liquid containers. The plastic tape is one of the cheapest types of phone screen protectors. It usually has a scratch-resistant matt finish. It also comes with silicone adhesive on each side which is made of polyester film.

Some brands of PET plastic screen protectors come with an anti-scratch liquid without an impact protection . Due to the plastic material, the finger can remove its color. That’s why its price is cheap.

Advantages of PET Screen Protectors

  • cheap price. (Although that’s all what distinguishes it)

Disadvantages of PET Screen Protectors

  • Weak anti-scratch system.
  • Its effect on protecting the phone is weak.
  • Attracts fingerprints.
  • Fade easily.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Screen Protectors

TPU Plastic Protectors are constructed from a chemically optimized plastic material that ensures resistance properties against scratches, oil, or fats. The result is a screen protector that is much stronger than  that made from PET films. Its improved flexibility and properties allow it to absorb impacts such as drops and scratches. And thanks to its flexibility, small scratches on its plastic material can be recovered.

Some industries also use “military” protective TPU for combat aircraft. Also, it is smooth and without a doubt, it’s a feature that you’ll realize once you take it in your hand.

Advantages of TPU Plastic Protectors

  • Flexibility
  • Protection from bumps and scratches
  • Anti-stain and anti-fingerprint
  • Soft to touch

Disadvantages of TPU Plastic Protectors

  • Heavy shocks can damage the screen
  • Difficult to install

Liquid Screen Protectors

Gel protectors are the least known today but very effective in protecting mobile phone or tablet screens. Another of its comparative advantages is that it is highly shockproof and more sensitive than protectors made of other materials, such as tempered glass. Additionally, gel protectors adapt to any screen because they do not have a defined shape. You just have to buy the gel and pour the dough on the machine.

And because life does not look pinky always, these contain gel protectors on the lumpy texture that makes it very uncomfortable to touch. In addition to that, more fingerprints remain on the screen unlike other protectors.

Advantages of gel screen protectors

  • Shock resistant
  • Great sensitivity to touch
  • They adapt to any screen

The disadvantages of gel protectors

  • They leave a lot of fingerprints
  • Unpleasant, lumpy texture
  • Hard to find in electronics stores

Glass phone screen protectors

Tempered glass protectors are made from heating and cooling the glass instantly. That results in a type of glass that does not break easily like the others. This type of screen protector has multiple layers and has a built-in silicone at the bottom that can absorb shocks and create sticky toughened glass. This makes it able to stay firmly on the phone screen so that it does not fall off. It also resists bumps and scratches that appear on the screen due to continuous use.

Advantages of tempered glass protectors

  • shock proof.
  • Anti-scratch.
  • High transparency.

Disadvantages of glass protectors

  • Tempered glass is damaged when broken
  • Easily peeling off
  • It should be replaced after a few months

Screen protectors and privacy

MyProtector is a new product. It is the next generation screen protector with higher quality than other brands in the market.

The material of the screen protector is made from Japanese origin. It was used in other industries due to its high price. However, by reducing production costs, it can be incorporated into the manufacture of screen protectors.

This screen contains six different layers with a diameter of 0.22 mm and each one offers a different characteristic.

  1. Anti-fingerprint, oil, acid , and fats.
  2. Anti-scratch layer.
  3. Shock absorbing layer.
  4. Shock dispersion layer.
  5. Shock absorbing layer.
  6. Adhesive layer.

The materials of the products were imported from Japan and the USA, only to make the strongest screen protector on the market, with extraordinary quality.

What is the best type of screen protector to protect the phone screen?

As an option for our new and temporary mobile device, a plastic screen protector could be an option, if the use is limited, it is a device that we will not use often or do not want to pay too much for.

However, if our concern is safety, we should choose tempered glass or TPU screen protectors with a special focus on them, especially if we have a mobile phone with a curved screen

According to our needs and keeping in mind the points for and against the mobile phone screen protectors we showed you, you can easily determine which is best for you.

Now, After you already know all types of screen protectors, do you already know which one to buy so that you can protect your mobile phone?

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