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Headphones have become an integral parts of our daily lives. We wear them while commuting, working out, or even simply working in the office. They vary in shapes, sizes, and uses, and that is something you should always keep in mind when you proceed to purchase one. Not to worry though, Procoat store has every type and we know everything about them, read on to find out which type of headphones suits you best!

The 8 types of headphones and which one suits you best

Closed-Back Headphones

These are the headphones that have their backs completely sealed. This means that the sound is channeled exclusively to reach the ear with ease, which in turn makes the music sound not so natural. These headphones completely block noise from the outer environment, thus it isn’t safe to wear them while driving or walking, they are perfect for gaming or studying on the other hand.


Open-Back Headphones

They are the exact opposite of closed-back headphones; the backs are open, meaning that there are no barriers between the listener and the outer world. In some models you can actually see through the headphones to the other side! The audio output is mixed with the noise outside which results in poor sound quality most of the times. They are best used to relax while listening to an audio book or something you don’t need to be completely submerged in.

Open-Back_HeadphonesOn-Ear Headphones

Designed to completely cover the entire ears, they are much larger than standard headphones. Their bulky size makes them very uncomfortable when worn for quite some time. They do however minimize the outside noise and completely immerse you in whatever you are doing, awesome for gaming and music!

On-Ear_HeadphonesOver-Ear Headphones

These ones go over and around your ears to enclose them tightly. They have the largest sound stage and great bass responses. This is the go to headphones if you are going to listen to music for a long time, that is of course if you can handle the minor discomforts of ear sweat.

In-Ear_HeadphonesIn-Ear Headphones

Perhaps the most common types of headphones that come with any mobile device. They channel sound directly into the ear drum, which makes them effective despite their tiny size, this size also makes them perfect on the go. The major setback with them is they collect dirt and germs quickly, so you are advised to not share them with any one and clean them on regular basis.


Very small headphones that are wireless most of the time and depend on Bluetooth for connectivity. They serve the same purpose as In-Ear headphones but without the wire. Their setback is the same as their counterpart, you can also easily lose them if you are not paying attention to where you keep them.

Bluetooth_HeadphonesBluetooth Headphones

A very special kind of headphones that depends mainly on Bluetooth for connectivity. Their wireless feature reduces clutter and noises that may occur from repetitive use of a wired headphone. This however is also a disadvantage when other signals are present in the vicinity, it could lead to noise distortion or disconnection altogether.

Noise-Cancelling_HeadphonesNoise-Cancelling Headphones

The name describes everything about them; they completely shut you out from reality and take you to your own world with clear sounds. They are often used in studios and major production venues that require attention to every sound detail. Don’t do any activity that requires minimal attention to the outer world while wearing them.

Final Verdict

There is no headphone for everyone, you have to learn about the types and make your choice accordingly. Look up our products on ProCoat store and pick the headphones of your dreams!

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