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Is there anything more dangerous than a 0% battery? This is the beauty of a power bank or portable charger! It provides enough power to charge our phones, play music, send text messages, and stream a new podcast.What are the differences between portable chargers? What are the battery life? Connect your phone to the internet and learn more

What are the different types of portable chargers?

There are many different types of phone chargers. There are generally four categories of phone chargers:

Car chargers

Don’t worry about losing your phone again. You can keep your phone charged with a car charger, especially if you are using GPS on a long trip.

Wall Power Adapters

Connect your USB cable to a wall adapter, and you will find an outlet. This is a quick and easy way to power your phone while on the move.

Multi-Charger Cables

Are you tech-savvy? Multi-cable chargers have a USB port for every device, so you are always fully charged.

Power Banks

These power banks are small portable chargers that can be connected to your phone or tablet. These power bricks can be easily carried in a backpack or laptop bag.

Some chargers work from a USB port, while others plug directly into the wall and draw electricity. It all depends on the type of charger that you are using.You want it to be compatible with your phone, and that takes very little time to charge.

How long does a portable charger take to charge?

Portable chargers or power banks can quickly charge your device and get it up and running within 2 hours. It all depends on what type of charger you use and how long your battery lasts.

Here are four customized chargers by ProCoat Products(r). These chargers give an idea of the performance of different types.

How long does it take for portable chargers to charge?

*Charge time estimates are based on specific chargers sold by ProCoat Products(r) and range from 0% to 100%. The time it takes to charge your device, the charger you use, and the percentage of your battery at the time may all affect the charging times.

When you run out of juice, a portable charger can be a lifesaver. You should have at least one portable charger in your car, and at the very minimum, one at home. It’s never too late to get it.

What is the life expectancy of portable chargers?

The average battery life of portable chargers and power banks is between 18 and 3 years. Your portable charger will last longer if you don’t use it as often as possible.

Portable chargers and power banks are often given away at trade shows. However, you can also find cheaper versions at your local store. You can always have more than one in case your current one is not enough.

What is a portable charger?

Amperage, voltage, wattage are the three main components of a charger. These units determine the speed at which your device charges, the pressure required to charge it, and the amount of energy created or expended.

This is the formula to remember if you were unable to concentrate in high school physics.

Watts = Amps + Volts

Each charger will have an output and input in terms of amps or volts. A charger with a higher output and input will charge faster. The faster your portable charger can charge, the more power it has.

What is the Average Use of a Smartphone’s Milliamps?

The battery life of smartphones is typically between 2000 and 3000 milliamp hours. The exact count will depend on whether you are using an iPhone or Android.

Your power bank or portable charger must have a capacity equal to or greater than the specific milliamp count for your device. If it is a smartphone, this will be between 2000 mAh and 3000 mAh.

ProCoat  Products'(r) Jolt Charger has a milliamp number of 2,200 mAh. This means that the tablet it is connected to must have an equivalent amount, or lower, to get the best out of the charger.

How to choose the right portable charger or power bank

Although your tablet and phone probably come with a charger, you might still need one.

It all comes down to:


You need a USB-compatible charger that can charge your phone. It is not a good idea to force the wrong port, as you might cause damage.

Charging Time

In about two hours, the charger should charge your phone 100%. You can try a different charger if it fails.


Your device’s power bank should have a milliamp count equal or greater than your device. You’ll have to wait forever for your full charge if it is lower.


It is important to keep your power bank or charger in a convenient place that you can easily store. It’s not worth it to lug a heavy charger around.


You can save money on your new smartphone Power banks and chargers should be very affordable or even free.

Finding a reliable charger or power bank shouldn’t take too much time, effort, or money. It is important to have a charger or power bank that you can carry around in your bag so you can replace it later.

How to make your phone’s battery last longer

It’s great to have a portable charger, but even better if your phone lasts longer. These tips can help extend the battery life.

Do not use your phone while it’s plugged in

Your phone needs to breathe. It won’t charge if you continue to send texts or browse the internet. It’s fine to leave it alone. You can go for a walk or read a book instead.

Reduce Your Brightness

You should use the lowest setting that you can without straining your eyes. Bright screens will drain your battery extremely quickly.

Avoid extreme heat or cold

Your phone likes temperatures between 62 and 72 degrees F. Your battery won’t be happy with anything warmer or colder.

You can disable notifications

Buzzfeed and Groupon don’t have to send you updates. Notifications will only be sent from apps that you use often, such as text messages and emails.

Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off

You can turn off your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi if you aren’t using them. When you are ready to connect, click the icons once more.

Keep your phone charged before it runs out of juice

This is not the right time to be Frankenstein. It’s not the right time to bring your phone back to life. Instead, charge it only when it is at 20%.

Set your phone to silent or ringtone

Although it may seem strange, vibrate functions can drain your battery on certain phones. Use silent mode, or reduce your ringtone.

Keep calls short and sweet

This is your last chance to leave the phone with your gruff grandpa. It is better for your battery to keep your calls short and sweet.

Avoid animated backgrounds

If your background image isn’t moving, your battery will last longer. Think of a beautiful sunset, your partner, or a cute puppy. Dark wallpapers are better because they use less battery power than bright wallpapers.

Modify Automatic Updates

Your phone will automatically update your apps, without you even being aware. This setting can be changed in your settings to reduce battery drain.

These tips are applicable to all Android and iPhone users. These tips will help you to not need a power bank or portable charger as often.

Why Advertise with Portable Chargers

Do you work for a tech startup? Are you a tech startup? Advertising with custom chargers or power banks can be a great way to advertise your business, no matter what industry you are in.

According to a survey by LG, a well-known electronics company, 90% of smartphone owners have “low battery anxiety”. If you give out chargers and power banks at your next tradeshow, fundraiser, or promotional event, your business could be part of the solution.

Are you ready to get started with your custom power banks or chargers? Get in touch with ProCoat Products(r).

The bottom line

Your smartphone or tablet can do it all, including emergencies, work emails, and when you just want to binge-watch Netflix. A portable charger or power bank will give you the extra charge that you need.

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Alyssa is ProCoat Products’ Lead Copywriter. She is a promotional expert and has uncovered the first custom tote bag in the world, interviewed the man behind ACDC’s logo and had a piece published at the Advertising Specialty Institute.

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